Basic infomation
  • Research interest mainly focus on artificial intelligence, particularly information extraction, knowledge discovery and natural language understanding.
  • Currently we have 15 graduate and many undergradute students.
ADAPT advantage
  • Do cutting-edge research.
  • Top priority is research and helping you excel.
  • Extensive collaboration with MS Research, Princeton, AT&T Research and NUS – good chance to intern, study or work.
  • English is our working language

News and Announcements

  • 2021.01.16 Two full papers accepted by WWW 2021. Congrats to Yizhu and Zhiling!
  • 2020.12.2 Two full papers accepted by AAAI 2021. Congrats to Angel and Roy!
  • 2020.9.30 Congrats to Angel for her paper accepted by EMNLP 2020!
  • 2018.7.30 Three full papers accepted by EMNLP 2018! Congrats to Kangqi, Jessie and Yizhu!
  • 2018.5.20 Congrats to Gavin for his paper accepted by COLING 2018!
  • 2018.4.20 Congrats to Bill and Frank for their two papers accepted by ACL 2018! These are the first ACL publications in ADAPT history!
  • 2017.9.01 Congrats to Xusheng, Kangqi, Xianyang and Yuding for 2 papers accepted by AAAI 2018!
  • 2017.4.24 Kangqi, Xusheng and Xianyang's paper, "A Data-Driven Approach to Infer Knowledge Base Representation of Natural Language Relations", has been accepted as a full paper by IJCAI 2017. Congratulations to all of these ADAPTers!
  • 2016.9.30 Bean and Yizhong's paper, "Towards Non-projective High-Order Dependency Parser", has been accepted as a demo paper by COLING 2016. Frank, Bill, Qi and Yifei's paper, "Cross-region Traffic Prediction for China on OpenStreetMap", has been accepted by IWCTS, a workshop affiliated with ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016. Congratulations to all of these ADAPTers!
  • 2016.7.20 Dong, Yanping and Fan's paper "DTMiner: Identification of Potential Disease Targets Through Biomedical Literature Mining" has been accepted by Bioinformatics. Congratulations to these ADAPTers!
  • 2016.6.19 Frank and Zhuoyue have won the Best Thesis Award in SJTU Bachelor's Thesis Defense. Congratulations to both of them!
  • 2016.1.22 Zhiyi (Jessie) and Yuchen's paper "Commonsense Causal Reasoning between Short Texts" has been accepted by KR 2016. Congratulations to both of them!
  • 2015.11.13 Yu and Kaiqi's paper "Representing Verbs as Argument Concepts" has been accepted by AAAI 2016. Congratulations to both of them!
  • 2015.8.7 Dong, Chen and Tianwan's paper "Data-Driven Information Extraction from Chinese Electronic Medical Records" has been accepted by PLoS One. Congratulations to these ADAPTers!
  • 2015.7.30 Kangqi and Xusheng's paper "Inferring Binary Relation Schemas for Open Information Extraction" has been accepted by EMNLP 2015. Congratulations to Kangqi, Xusheng and Kenny!
  • 2015.6.24 Keyang's thesis "An Association Network for Semantically Enhanced Recommender System" has won the first prize in the whole CS department. Congratulations to Keyang!
  • 2014.11.10 Keyang's paper "An Association Network for Computing Semantic Relatedness" has been accepted by AAAI 2015 as a full paper. Congratulations to Keyang and Kenny!
  • 2014.10.18 Two papers from ADAPT have been accepted by ICDE 2015 as FULL PAPERs.
    [ Ke Wu, Song Yang and Kenny Zhu. "False Rumor Detection on Sina Weibo by Propagation Structures."]
    [ Kaiqi Zhao, Kenny Zhu, et al. "SAR: A Sentiment-Aspect-Region Model for User Preference Analysis in Geo-tagged Reviews."]
    Congratulations to Ke, Song, Kaiqi and Kenny!
  • 2014.9.25 Kenny and his Korean collaborator, Seung-Won Hwang, has won the NSFC/NRF collaborative research grant. They will be working on "A Multi-lingual, Cross-cultural Semantic Association Network". Congratulations to them!
  • 2014.06.10 Kaiqi Zhao, Zhiyuan Cai, Qingyu Sui and Enxun Wei's paper Clustering Image Search Results by Entity Disambigua-tion was accepted by ECML/PKDD 2014. Congratulations to these ADAPTers.
  • 2014.04.24 Xiao Jia, Chao Pan and Xinhui Xu's papaer "Rho-uncertainty Anoymization by Partial Suppression" won the Best Paper Award in DASFAA 2014! Congratulations to Kenny and these ADAPTers! (Check here for award details)
  • 2014.01.13 Xiao Jia, Chao Pan and Xinhui Xu's paper "Rho-uncertainty Anonymization by Partial Suppression" was accepted by DASFAA 2014. Congratulaions to these ADAPTers.
  • 2013.09.12 Kenny's paper "Data-Driven Metaphor Recognition and Explanation" has been accepted by Transactions of ACL and will appear at ACL 2014.
  • 2013.08.20 Congratulations to Kenny Zhu for receiving the NSFC general research grant No. 61373031.
  • 2013.08.18 Jack Sun's poster paper "Query Suggestion by Concept Instantiation" was accepted by ISWC 2013. Congratulations to Jack.
  • 2013.08.08 Congratulations to Kenny Zhu for receiving the 2013 Google Faculty Research Award for "Action Conceptualization from Text Documents". Kenny is the only winner in mainland of China.
  • 2013.07.14 Two papers from ADAPT have been accepted by CIKM 2013 as FULL PAPERs.
    [ Zhiyuan Cai, Kaiqi Zhao, Kenny Zhu and Haixun Wang. "Wikificiation By Link Co-occurrence."]
    [ Peipei Li, Haixun Wang, Kenny Zhu, et al. "Computing Term Similarity by Large Probabilistic isA Knowledge." ]
    Congratulations to Zhiyuan, Kaiqi and Kenny.
  • 2013.06.22 Congratulations to Menglu Li for winning the 3rd prize of The Graduation Thesis Award.
  • 2013.06.22 "CS304 Database System Concepts" (An ACM class course) disigned and lectured by Kenny Q. Zhu has been endorsed by Education Bureau of Shanghai as the "Model University Course instructed by in English". Congratulations to Kenny.
  • 2013.04.12 Kai Jiang's paper "Watermarking Road Maps against Crop and Merge Attacks" is accepted by ACM IH&MMsec 2013. Congratulations to Kai Jiang.
  • Zhixian Zhang wins the National Graduate Student Fellowship.
  • One demo paper is accepted by EDBT 2013. Congratulations to Kaiqi Zhao, Enxun Wei, Qingyu Sui.
  • One paper is accepted by ICDE 2013. Congratulations to Zhixian Zhang.
  • Our website is established.
  • Weekly seminar is hosted at Wednesday 16:00 ~ 17:00 in our lab.
  • Weekly badminton is launched at Friday 17:00 ~ 18:00 in the new stadium.
  • We are looking for self-motivated and hardworking students to do exciting research in: programming languages, databases, or knowledge discovery. Please email your CV to Prof. Zhu if you are interested!