Publications of ADAPT

Database and Information Extraction

Commonsense Causal Reasoning between Short Texts

In the Proceedings of KR 2016

By Zhiyi Luo, Yuchen Sha, Kenny Q. Zhu, Seung-Won Hwang and Zhongyuan Wang

Representing Verbs as Argument Concepts

In the Proceedings of AAAI 2016

By Yu Gong, Kaiqi Zhao and Kenny Q. Zhu

Data-Driven Information Extraction from Chinese Electronic Medical Records

PLoS One 2015

By Dong Xu, Tianwan Zhao, Chen Ge, Kenny Q. Zhu, Meizhuo Zhang, Weiguo Gao and Jia Wei

Inferring Binary Relation Schemas for Open Information Extraction

In the Proceedings of EMNLP 2015

By Kangqi Luo, Xusheng Luo and Kenny Q. Zhu

An Association Network for Computing Semantic Relatedness

In the Proceedings of AAAI 2015

By Keyang Zhang, Kenny Q. Zhu and Seung-Won Hwang

False Rumor Detection on Sina Weibo by Propagation Structures

In the Proceedings of ICDE 2015

By Ke Wu, Song Yang and Kenny Q. Zhu

SAR: A Sentiment-Aspect-Region Model for User Preference Analysis in Geo-tagged Reviews

In the Proceedings of ICDE 2015

By Kaiqi Zhao, Gao Cong and Kenny Q. Zhu

Clustering Image Search Results by Entity Disambiguation

In the Proceedings of ECML/PKDD 2014

By Kaiqi Zhao, Zhiyuan Cai, Qinyu Sui, Enxun Wei and Kenny Q. Zhu

Rho-uncertainty Anoymization by Partial Suppression

In the Proceedings of DASFAA 2014

By Xiao Jia, Chao Pan, Xinhui Xu, Kenny Q. Zhu and Eric Lo

Data-Driven Metaphor Recognition and Explanation

Transactions of ACL 2014

By Hongsong Li, Kenny Q. Zhu and Haixun Wang

Query Suggestion by Concept Instantiation

In the Proceedings of ISWC 2013

By Jack Wei Sun, Franky, Kenny Q. Zhu and Haixun Wang

Wikification via Link Co-occurrence

In the Proceedings of ACM CIKM 2013

By Zhiyuan Cai, Kaiqi Zhao, Kenny Q. Zhu and Haixun Wang

Computing Term Similarity by Large Probabilistic isA Knowledge

In the Proceedings of ACM CIKM 2013

By Peipei Li, Haixun Wang, Kenny Q. Zhu, Zhongyuan Wang and Xindong Wu

Watermarking Road Map against Crop and Merge Attacks

ACM IH&MMsec 2013

By Kai Jiang, Kenny Q. Zhu

CISC: Clustered Image Search by Conceptualization

EDBT 2013

By Kaiqi Zhao, Enxun Wei, Qingyu Sui, Kenny Q. Zhu

Automatic Extraction of Top-k Lists from the Web

ICDE 2013

By Zhixian Zhang, Kenny Q. Zhu, Haixun Wang and Hongsong Li

A system for Extracting Top-K Lists from the Web

KDD 2012

By Zhixian Zhang, Kenny Q. Zhu and Haixun Wang

Trajectory Inference Problem (TIP)


By Pengcheng Wang, Zhaoyu Gao, Xinhui Xu, Yujiao Zhou, Haojin Zhu and Kenny Q. Zhu

Programming Language

A Runtime System for Generalized Committed Choice

APPLC 2012

By Xiao Jia, Kenny Q. Zhu, Joxan Jaffar and Roland Yap